Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Disco

Zara sequin jacket / Zara top / H&M shorts / Zara sandals / vintage envelope clutch / H&M rings

I wore this look this weekend to a late night dinner and drinks at l'Orignal restaurant in the Old Port. The apartment life has been costing me and unfortunately I've had to tone down my shopping addiction (tears). Luckily, I'm blessed to have a roommate with great taste who wears the same size as me, so I decided to shop her closet and borrow this awesome sparkly jacket! Life is good ;)

You can catch a sneak peek of my place in these photos, for now the walls are quite bare, were in desperate need of art! I will post more once we have finished decorating!


  1. Oooh, j'aime la veste. En tant que fan no 2 de ton blogue (je te laisse deviner la première), j'aimerais formuler une suggestion : crois-tu que tu pourrais faire des articles sur les plusieurs manières dont tu as porté un même vêtement? J'aimerais bien voir ça! :)

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  3. Where do you get your hair cut/colored? Love it!

    1. Thanks!! Up until a month ago I went to Au Premier salon in NDG they are very good! I just started going to Unlistd salon on the plateau because it's closer to my place!

      xx Camille


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