Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Time

Jane & Rye bracelet / vintage top

Merry Christmas lovers! I had an amazing time with friends and family, great food, laughter and Christmas spirit! I hope you all had a wonderful time too! Have any of you been shopping for boxing day today? Personally I don't have the courage haha.

xx Camille

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Bells

Major Tom coat / vintage angora sweater / Levi's jeans / thrifted fur scarf / Forever 21 hat / vintage Chanel purse / Zara boots / rings from Etsy

I haven't been dedicating as much time to my blog as I would like to lately, I've been working non-stop and trying to fit some Christmas shopping in my schedule is quasi impossible! I have this problem where I end up finding a million gifts for myself instead.. it's sooo hard, anyone else have this issue? Haha the life of an addict...

The holidays can't come soon enough, I can't wait to finally spend quality time with my family, relax, watch corny Christmas movies and eat like there's no tomorrow! It's truly the most wonderful time of the year :)

P.S. I ran into some trouble with my domain name, I will be using this extension for the moment.

xx Camille

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Within & Without

Major Tom coat / H&M sweater (also worn here) / H&M shirt (under) / Zara jeans / H&M purse / Zara boots / H&M leather gloves

A simple black and white outfit from last week, I love my new patent leather boots from Zara, I wear them everywhere haha. I've had those leather gloves for years and I don't think I've even worn them once, there's always a first for everything!
I've had the most relaxing day off today; slept in, made some good food and lounged around my cozy apartment hiding from the cold. I just love those days where I have nothing to do.. wonderful!

xx Camille

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rebirth of Color

Oh how I lust over Lack of Color Australia's summer 2014 hat collection "Rebirth of Color". It may be winter here in Canada, but their lookbook had me dreaming of sunny weather for a minute, I'm totally sold! If you didn't already know this I am obsessed with pastel colors, so these lovely fedoras are right up my alley! Which one is your favorite? I'm thinking of ordering the wide brim Montana in pink, so adorable!

Okay so I won't be wearing it beachside in my bikini anytime soon like this lucky lady, but perhaps paired with a light grey jacket or an angora sweater! All their pieces are made of 100% wool so they are suitable for any season really! They ship worldwide and you can shop online right here!

xx Camille

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pretty in Pink

Ok... so im going a little crazy over this baby pink colour that is seen everywhere this season! From oversized coats to fuzzy sweaters and even pink leather, it's pastel perfection and I can't get enough of it! A boyfriend jacket in this colour is definitely next on my wish list... <3

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Space Oddity

vintage leather coat / H&M ribbed sweater / W Concept skirt (here) / studded converse / vintage Chanel bag / Charlotte's university hat

Todays outfit; the sun was shining so bright but the wind was glacial. I basically froze my ass to take these photos but it was well worth it, the dark shadows against the different shades of red and orange are so lovely!

I wore my neoprene galaxy skirt from W Concept Korea that makes me look like an ice skater... or a roller derby queen? Both awesome! Paired with my favorite sneakers and white socks for a nerdy look :)

xx Camille

Photos by Charlotte

Monday, November 11, 2013

Highway Flair

vintage sweater (also worn here) / Heritage plaid shirt / Levi's jeans / Zara boots / Forever 21 pumps / vintage purse / H&M hoop earrings

I totally forgot to post these photos I took a few weeks ago, unfortunately I can no longer walk around wearing just a sweater since it has already started to snow!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have noticed that I changed my hair colour! I was in desperate need of a change, I'll show you better photos coming up this week, and if you don't follow me already you can add me @camillenormandin!

I've had a very frustrating day due to plumbing problems at my apartment, so now it's time for me to head to hot yoga, relax and let it all out! Namaste :)

xx Camille

Photos by Dahye

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Along the Way

W Concept sweatshirt (here) / Zara shirt (under) / vintage leather skirt / H&M cat purse / Forever 21 pumps / Ray Ban shades

Wearing my new neoprene sweatshirt from W Concept Korea, I layered it over a simple long sleeve shirt. I'm loving its boxy, oversized cut paired with a fitted leather skirt! I should probably retire my skirts soon since the weather is getting freezing around here, but who doesn't like to show a little leg... ;)

I have a busy partying weekend planned for Halloween, I looove to dress up, and everyone gets really into it in Montreal! What will you be dressing up as?

P.S. How cute is this cat purse?! Obsessed! xx Camille

Photos by Charlotte