Thursday, February 26, 2015


Nicole Benisti winter jacket / H&M turtleneck / H&M pants / vintage scarf / H&M hat & mittens

The cottage escape is key to surviving winter in Canada. February just becomes too depressing in the city at -25, a little nature and relaxation is well deserved at this point!

A bunch of friends and I rented a beautiful place in St-Adolphe, about an hour drive from Montreal. We spent the weekend cozying up by the fireplace, cooking all together, sleeping in, drinking & dancing in our PJs to the sounds of our resident Djs. We tried to squeeze in a few snow activities in between, my winter gear is a little outdated so I wore my warmest city coat and slouchy faux leather pants in place of snow pants, worked magic with longjohns underneath!

Relaxation wasn't the only purpose of the weekend, we were also saying our goodbyes to my best friend and roommate Marieve who is moving to Australia for a year, I already miss her very much!! Stay tuned for the launch of her own blog to keep up with her travels and adventures!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

California Dreaming

I received a little care package yesterday, from a friend living in San Francisco. It included this cool California republic T-shirt, I might just wear it under all my clothes and do some sort of African voodoo with it so I can teleport myself!

... and yes that was a Mean Girls reference, guilty ;)

Kisses, Cami

Friday, February 6, 2015

Good Morning

Today is going to be a good day, I'm treating myself to cream in my coffee, getting ready for a hot yoga session, and meeting my best friends for a birthday tonight. A lot to look forward to!

Speaking of coffee, I fell on an article this morning about a new coffee trend: Espresso + tonic water. Apparently this has been on the menus in cities like Tokyo, Melbourne, Stockholm, and Berlin and is now hitting San Francisco. Anyone else find this strange? Please share your thoughts if you have tried this, I'm very curious! (Read the article here.)

Have great day! xx Cami

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Here it is, I've found the solution to make all your denim dreams come true! The absolute perfect jeans for spring time (yes it's coming soon and we're VERY excited) by Los Angeles based brand RE/DUN. Each pair is a hand picked vintage piece which is taken apart at the seams and remodeled to create the perfect modern fit and soft, worn-in quality we all look for!

I fell in love with the brand when I spotted it on model Bella Hadid, daughter of Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Yolanda Foster (I'll admit it: I have a reality TV addiction). Bella is the epitome of laid-back California cool and makes the perfect muse for RE/DUN. As a vintage clothing maniac, I would die to get my hands on a pair of these, I love the idea that every item is different and holds its own history.

There is currently a waiting list for most models, they take a while to produce since they are all unique and handmade. I have some basic sewing skills and have taken a habit of buying vintage clothing and reworking them for my body and modernizing the cut, the perfect pair of jeans is definitely next on my radar. I think I could make something work ;)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Marvels & Mirages

vintage sweater & fur scarf / H&M pants / däv "Finley" boots (here) / Zara bag

All-black, baggy leather pants, a turtleneck sweater with a large leather bag from Zara (which fits my entire life) is the perfect laid back outfit for my day off.

I spent yet another day at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts with my friend Gabi for the opening of Marvels and Mirages of Orientalism. I love walking around aimlessly at the museum, surrounded by culture, art and beautiful objects. This exhibit unveiled a series of oil paintings, watercolours and drawings by 19th century French painter Benjamin-Constant, inspired by his travels through Spain and Morocco. I was extremely inspired by the the colour palette of deep golden yellows and turquoise skies, the exotic scenes and the intricate tiling and patterns, so much beauty going through my head!