Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lost Tales

H&M sweater / DIY thrifted leather shorts / vintage envelope clutch / H&M hat / Chanel flats

I met up with Dahye this week to grab some dinner and take quick photos, we both showed up wearing matching black and white outfits, so cute haha! These shorts are the result of cutting an old pair of ill fitting leather pants I found at a thrift store last year! They were probably worn by a badass biker chick back in the 90's and now they are one of my favorite pairs!

I have to say I'm more excited for fall than I anticipated! Dark colours, layering, buying new nail polish shades and wearing all over leather are some of my fall faves... along with the fact that I may be planning a little tropical vacation.. coming up soon ;)

xx Camille

Photos by Dahye


  1. I can't get why your blog has not thousands of followers, I think your style is gorgeous!
    I love this outfit!
    A loser like me

    1. Aw thanks!! That's the sweetest compliment! One day!!! :D

      xx Camille

    2. Love the sweater. Simple yet elegant.

      Naaj xx

  2. found you from dahye's blog. you are a doll!



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