Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Melon Madness

plain white tee / thrifted cut off jeans / Joe Fresh sandals / vintage purse / H&M hoop earrings / Anthropologie bracelet / skinny rings from H&M and handmade by Dahye

A simple white T-shirt and jean shorts are what I swore by all summer (switching to boyfriend jeans for the fall)! No look feels as effortless to me, and why not accessorize it with Spice Girls platforms and a funky watermelon bag! This purse is so fun, I inherited it from my stylish mother along with an olive and a strawberry... Amazing!

I walked around the plateau with my friend Dahye to catch a bit of sun and devour ice cream like 4 year olds! The area is full of these gigantic colourful murals which I love because lets be honest, they are great for taking photos! ;)

xx Camille


  1. i can't explain how pretty you are <3 <3 <3

    Carla Cee

  2. YUM! Where is that ice cream from? Always looking for new places in mTL

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  4. Nice outfit and I like the bag :-)

  5. I love these pictures! The melon bag is so cute that I wanna eat it haha!


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