Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Nicole Benisti Coat (here) / W Concept sweatshirt (also worn here) / Heritage plaid shirt (also worn here) / H&M jeans / Zara boots / vintage purse

Days like these where it's -20°C outside (feels more like -30 if you ask me) are meant for staying home, glued to netflix with a cup of tea. If like me, you don't have that luxury, the only way to survive is with a warm jacket! This one by Nicole Benisti for Point Zero keeps me warm and cozy during the coldest days without making me look like the Michelin man, which is normally the case with down-filled outerwear!

I just got home from an intense kickboxing workout, it was my first time doing this type of class and honestly, it's much tougher than it looks! Especially for someone tall and uncoordinated like me.. haha. Now I'm laying in bed having a little high school throwback, listening to punk-rock & thinking I should probably get to sleep. Good night :)

xx Cami


  1. Cool layering! Great for winter time

  2. Awesome pics!!! Super cool outfit
    Loved it

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