Monday, January 27, 2014

Leather Love

vintage leather coat / H&M pants / Lack of Color Australia fedora (here) / American Apparel scarf / H&m bag / Zara boots

Hats, hat, hats! I just love hats! I always tell myself I should wear them more often, so here it is! I particularly love this wide-brim one from Lack of Color Australia, the dusty pink breaks up my all-black ensemble nicely.

It's storming outside tonight so I'm staying home where it's toasty, making some veggie soup and watching Project Runway <3

xx Cami

Photos by Mia Liamani


  1. I love this look so much ! You're fabulous. <3

  2. Super beau! Les photos sont vraiment réussies aussi :) Le lien vers le chapeau ne semble pas fonctionner par contre.

  3. Awesome outfit and cool pics :D

  4. I love everything <3 you look awesome ;) xo

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