Sunday, April 26, 2015

Desert Heat

Forever 21 suede jacket / H&M t-shirt / Levi's jeans / Zara boots / Zara bag / vintage necklaces & rings

The Montreal botanical gardens are a magical place to be.. strolling around what seems like a tropical paradise is my idea of a great afternoon.. They've got me dreaming of Spanish homes and desert heat. One of the greenhouses was filled with opulent flowers and 2000 free flying butterflies and whenever I'm in a beautiful place, it's time to break out in a little dance ;)

It's about time to put away the jeans and slip on the sun dress, it's 28 degrees and sunny what a blessing!!

Also, it's my sister's birthday today, I've got a fun little surprise planned for her tonight, bonne fête Ève!! <3

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