Thursday, February 26, 2015


Nicole Benisti winter jacket / H&M turtleneck / H&M pants / vintage scarf / H&M hat & mittens

The cottage escape is key to surviving winter in Canada. February just becomes too depressing in the city at -25, a little nature and relaxation is well deserved at this point!

A bunch of friends and I rented a beautiful place in St-Adolphe, about an hour drive from Montreal. We spent the weekend cozying up by the fireplace, cooking all together, sleeping in, drinking & dancing in our PJs to the sounds of our resident Djs. We tried to squeeze in a few snow activities in between, my winter gear is a little outdated so I wore my warmest city coat and slouchy faux leather pants in place of snow pants, worked magic with longjohns underneath!

Relaxation wasn't the only purpose of the weekend, we were also saying our goodbyes to my best friend and roommate Marieve who is moving to Australia for a year, I already miss her very much!! Stay tuned for the launch of her own blog to keep up with her travels and adventures!


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