Monday, September 29, 2014

A Few Words About Burning Man

Ever since I got back from the West coast people have been asking me to describe my experience at Burning man, I hesitated to publish this post because it's been a very personal and spiritual experience for me. There are no words to express how magical it really was, but I wanted to at least share some photos. So here it is, Burning Man through my eyes...

It's an incredible wonderland like place, I have witnessed some of the most beautiful, enchanting, crazy, strange, unexpected things and somehow, they all seemed completely normal. The Art, the people, the music… it's a place to let your imagination run wild and where there are no limits to what you can create. It's a place where I met the most beautiful, open and loving individuals, all of them coming together to share a week in the desert; where the conditions are so harsh but life somehow seems so simple.

xx Cami


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