Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Inspiration

I love the holidays, time to dress up, get together with family and friends and eat great food, what could be better? Sequins, intricate beading and gorgeous fur are some of my favorite things to wear, so here is a little inspiration for my holiday looks this year! Anything over the top with a delicate touch just calls my name, can't help it :).


  1. Mmm... maybe not FUR...
    You shouldn't advertise for it.
    It is cruel and has nothing appealing in it. FUR Is DEAD. I believe we should evolve into a fur-free fashion world. There a excellent 'fake-furs' out there. It's good enough. No need to kill animals for fashion.

    1. Thank you for you feedback, I definitely respect your opinion! We simply have different taste. Happy Holidays :)


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