Sunday, November 11, 2012

Summer Memories

(1-2.Day at the ranch 3.Nice walk in the park 4.Sushi date at Tri Express 5.Birthday picnic in the park 6.Lafontaine park 7.Homemade dinner on the terrace 8.Making popsicles! 9.Birthday dinner at Garde Manger 10.Steve Madden loafers 11.Late night summer hangouts 12.High Line park, NYC 13.NYC 14.Road trip to New York)

Bad news, we already got snow last week and I'm starting to really miss the summer time!
You might have noticed from my pale skin I'm not one for tanning, but I love the summer warmth and wearing little clothes.. short shorts, sunnies, fresh flowers, no school, taking trips!
Ahh it's the best time of the year! Just a little nostalgia for you :)

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