Sunday, October 7, 2012

Early Fall Mornings

H&M coat with DIY leather sleeves / Old Navy t-shirt (men's) / Forever 21 pleated dress / ASOS polka dot nylons / DIY Steve Madden boots / Zara bag

A few early morning shots right before heading to school! I gave new life to this old H&M coat I never wore anymore by adding sleeves from an old leather jacket. I love the result, it gives a bit more interest to an otherwise boring coat!

Forgive my squinty eyes I'm not much of a morning person haha. I definitely prefer late nights and sleeping in!
Have a happy thanksgiving! Muahh :)


  1. you look beautiful :) i love your tights and skirt! :) xx

  2. wow!you are amazing!the coat is the dream and its diy!well doner <3 love your creativity and your style <3

  3. you're beautiful <3 And I'm not a big fan of tights like that, but I love every other piece of this outfit :D


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